Duo-Games competition rules

DUO GAMES: open rank


DG1 Under 8 2010/2008 Age 5/7
DG2 Under 10 2007/2006 Age 8/9
DG3 Under 14 2005/2002 Age 10/13
DG4 Under 18 2001/1998 Age 14/17
DG5 Over 17 1997/1975 Age 18/40

The participants must take part at the competition as member of only one team, with the same team can compete in the higher category. The athletes, matched without gender distinctions, must perform 6 techniques of self defence (3 for each competitor except for the under 8 category that has to perform only 2 techniques each) built on the attacks indicated on the competition rules.
Athletes can compete also in the higher category of age.
Remeber that Blue and Red belts are not supplied by the organizer.