General terms
1) The event is open to all clubs/dojo with an unlimited amount of athletes, affiliated to any national or international federation/organization.
2) Every participant must show, by request, the Budo Passport or the federation/organization card (certifing the rank) and a valid identity document for eventual checks. 
3) Coaches must check, within the time specified in the bulletin, that his/her competitors are in the corret category. Boards will be exposed at the entrance of the sport hall. In case of changes, this have to be communicated to the Check Point which will be present at the athlete entrance of the sport hall. The organization decline any responsibilities for eventual disqualifications due to a wrong or missed registration in a poule. The day of competition all the changes provide a payment as specified in the bulletin.
4) Access to the competition area is reserved only to those coaches who are provided with regular pass and team suit. They could follow their athletes sitting on the chairs reserved for them near the tatami.
5) Every Club/Team will receive maximum two passes for coaches.
6) Only persons who wear the pass could enter in the competition area.
7) Carers are responsible for medical certificates and parents consents.
8) Liability: The organizer assumes no liability, therefore it is recommended to take out insurence. THERE IS NO OPTION FOR ANY LIABILITY FOR SANCTIONS OF ALIEN'S POLICE! THE ORGANIZE GIVES NO GUARANTEE FOR VISA APPLICATION!
9) Referee and Judges are welcome and their participation should be announced in avance to the organizers of the tournament.
Free admittance