Kumite competition rules
Beginners A* 01/01/2002 31/12/2003 Age 12/13
KU1 Male -45 Kg. KU4 Female -47 Kg.
KU2 Male -55 Kg. KU5 Female +47 Kg.
KU3 Male +55 Kg.  
WKF Cadets 7/12/1999 6/12/2001 Age 14/15
KU6 Male -63 Kg. KU9 Female -54 Kg.
KU7 Male -70 Kg. KU10 Female +54 Kg.
KU8 Male +70 Kg.  
WKF Junior 7/12/1997 6/12/1999 Age 16/17
KU11 Male -68 Kg. KU14 Female -59 Kg.
KU12 Male -76 Kg. KU15 Female +59 Kg.
KU13 Male +76 Kg.  
WKF Under 21 7/12/1994 6/12/1997 Age 18/20
KU16 Male -68 Kg. KU19 Female -60 Kg.
KU17 Male -78 Kg. KU20 Female +60 Kg.
KU18 Male +78 Kg.  
WKF Senior 7/12/1975 6/12/1997 Age 18/40
KU21 Male -75 Kg. KU25 Female -68 Kg.
KU22 Male -84 Kg. KU26 Female +68 Kg.
KU23 Male +84 Kg.  
KU24 Male Open  
Master under 7/12/1975 Over 40
KU27 Male Open KU28 Female Open
Beginners A and Master: FIJLKAM
Cadets, Junior, Under 21 and Senior: WKF
Athlets of category Beginners B (FIJLKAM rules) (1/1/2000 - 31/12/2001) mast compete in the category WKF Cadets.

Lenght of bouts:
Beginners A 1',20’’ (80 seconds)
SENIOR OPEN male 3' (3 minutes)
All other categories 2' (2 minutes)

All competitors MUST be provided with their personal and approved body protection:
- Red and Blue gloves;
- Red and Blue Shinbone protection;
- Red and Blue Foot protection;
- Gum shield;
- Chest protection (female);
- Chest protection (male);
- Face mask (WKF Cadets).

The competitor who does not have all the regulation protection have one minute to change then they will be disqualified.

Remeber that Blue and Red belts are not supplied by the organizer.

Athletes can compete also in the higer categories of age and weight.
Repechage system will be applied only in the category: SENIOR OPEN MALE.
In all categories, finals would be done olso for the third and fourth place. Only the first three athletes will be awarded.
In the category SENIOR OPEN Male, maximum limit 32 competitors.