Takeda-Ryu Seminar: teachers

was born to Chênée - Belgium, on December 12th, 1944.
Doctor in Philosophy, graduate of the school Lincoln of Indianapolis, he publishes his first book in 1975...

  • He discovers the JUDO with master Henry DALBIN (1926-1991) 3rd dan. A technical JUDO under its traditional shape and some rudiments of Ju-Jitsu / self defence.
  • In 1961, he meets master Masmichi NORO 4th dan of AÏKIDO, this master will remain for him that who introduced him to a shape of harmonious self-expression through movement, allying beauty to efficiency, and with which he will not stop becoming soaked during his career of budoka.
  • In 1966, he devotes to the KARATE DOH supervised by the one who will become one of the experts the most respected by the world of the martial arts, I appointed mister Henry PLEE 10th dan, in his dojo of La montagne Sainte Geneviève - PARIS Veme. It is thanks to him that he meets in 1970 mister Takeshi DOGANE then 4th dan of HAKKO-RYU. He will study this shape of still unknown JU-JITSU in France during three years.
  • In 1972, he is an instructor of the AÏKI-KAÏ and teaches at the dojo of the French academy of martial arts in La montagne Sainte Geneviève.
  • In 1973, he obtains his patent of state whereas he brings in of Japan with the rank of 4th dan in JU-JITSU HAKKO-RYU. This rank will be awarded to him in TOKYO at the conclusion of an exam in front of mister HISAMITSU MIMURODO ( 1911-1985 ) and mister GOZAN TERASAWA.
  • In 1974, he returns in JAPAN to perfect his knowledge in JU-JITSU with mister RYUHO OKUYAMA (1902-1987 ) to Omiya and will return with master's patent in JU-JITSU: an unprecedented event in Europe. He is the European first one to receive this honor by the NIHON BU-JUKUSHI-GOSHINDO-HAKKO-RYU.
  • In 1976, British JU-JITSU association awards him officially the rank of 6°dan and confers its admittance within the WORLD JU-JITSU federation as international member of the jury. As such, he contributed to the development of the JU-JITSU in Europe and was at the origin of the first triangular meeting: France, England, Italy in Milan. In 1979, the WORLD KYUNG-CHUNG-DO-KEICHU-RYU federation (USA) gives him the rank of 7th dan in GOSHIN-HOSHIN-JITSU.
  • In 1980, he is recognized by his peers American as SHIHAN-KONCHO (chief director) within the WORLD SIJO DAÏ SOKE RENMEÏ (world union of the big heirs of martial arts), what will allow him to go alongside to numerous experts and to go every year to United States to steer seminars.
  • In 1984, he is named SHIHAN in AÏKIDO FUDOSHIN-KAÏ at the suggestion of masterJohn SAVIANO 6th dan. In 1986, he decides to revalue his level, he flies away again for Japan where he meets master HISASHI NAKAMURA, responsible for the method TAKEDA-RYU NAKAMURA-HA at Chiba. He discovers then this parallel branch to that of the DAÏTO-RYU.
  • In 1987, he invites this exceptional master in France, he will be accompanied for the occasion with two remarkable assistants: Sensei SOFUE 8th dan and TOYOSHIMA 7th dan. The TAKEDA-RYU NAKAMURA-HA becomes established in France.
  • In 1988 he receives from master Hisashi NAKAMURA his Japanese patronymic: MINAMOTO-NO-MAROTO, in homage to his allegiance to the tradition. A way of integrating him definitively into the noble family of the heirs of this ancestral school. Such will be then its name of budoka in Japan.
  • In 1990, he receives from hands master Hisashi NAKAMURA himself the Densho ( MENKYO-JO) of JODEN-SHIHAN in TAKEDA-RYU and the ranks of 5th dan AÏKI-DO, 5th dan IAÏ-DO, 5ht dan JO-DO and this in the presence of the consul general of JAPAN, the ceremony having taken place in France.
  • In 1993, at the conclusion of the first European congress TAKEDA-RYU NAKAMURA-HA which was held in Chartres, master HISASHI NAKAMURA brings him up to the rank of 6th dan in AÏKI-DO.
  • September 1st, 1997 then 7th dan in AÏKI-JUTSU, he created his own method of education under the word " MAROTOKAN ", based essentially, on the intuition, the spontaneity and the improvisation. To distance himself from the other already existing tendencies, he baptizes his group, December 20th, 1997 "TAKEDA-RYU-MAROTO-HA". The piece of news made the tour of the world, the event is the first one of the kind out of the frontiers of JAPAN.
  • In 1999, he is brought up to the rank of 8th dan in AÏKI-JUTSU with the title of HANSHI, by INTERNATIONAL BUDO association (GB). A high rank which is publicly confirmed to him by his European director, mister Daniel BLANCHET 10th dan - President of Hanshi no Iinkai, in Chartres, on February 27th, in front of experts' assembly. He is also recognized as RENSHI in IAÏ-DO and technical adviser in Aïki-Jutsu delegated for France.
  • On June 17th, 2005, he becomes a general member of the international division of the Daï Nippon Butoku Kaï.
  • On June 25th, 2006 on the occasion of the European BUTOKU-SAI of Brussels, he is named, as higher officer of the country, coordinator of the D.N.B.K for France by sensei Hiroyuki Tesshin HAMADA 9th Dan - Hanshi - President of council of the D.N.B.K-I.D - Member of the executive committee of the D.N.B.K - Japan.