Kumite competition rules

KUMITE: no belts divisions. WKF rules


A) Brown and Black belts

Age and weight categories:

1) Cadet 1993/1991 males Kg. -65 -70 +70 Open
2) Cadet 1993/1991 females Kg. -51 -57 +57 Open
3) Junior/Senior 1990/1973 males Kg. -68 -78 +78 Open
4) Junior/Senior 1990/1973 females Kg. -55 -65 +65 Open

Athletes will be classed only according to their year of birth (whether they had already turned the age or they are going to turn it during this year).

Lenght of bouts: 2' (120 seconds);

All competitors MUST be provided with their personal and approved body protection:
- Red and Blue gloves;
- Gumshield;
- Protection for shinbone and instep;
- Shell (male);
- Chest protection (female);

The competitor who does not have all the regulation protection will be disqualified.
Remeber that Blue and Red belts are not supplied by the organizer.