General terms
1) The YKKF International Symposium is opened to all martial arts practitioners, of any National or International federation, kids or adults, beginners or experts;
2) Every students that will take part to the courses will be required to show the BUDO PASSPORT or the federal membership card that must be valid for the current year; over than that, a valid identity document is needed;
3) All seminar participants must be in order with the sanitary certificates and covered by personal insurance;
4) The organizing board decline all responsibility for any accident that could happen to persons or things before, during and after the seminar;
5) After the registration, there will be no refund in case of absence;
6) Own style Keikogi is needed for those who will take part to the seminar; Kick Boxing or modern styles uniforms are not allowed;
7) Students with the rank of brown and black belt could choose to participate to some classes of GOJU-RYU KARATE, SHINDO-RYU JUJUTSU and TAKEDA-RYU JUJUTSU instead of the circuit seminar with various federal teachers coming from our federation countries. This session will be called “TOP MASTERS” classes. To participate the students will pay a different fee and compile the relative fields in the application forms to reserve their place in those classes.